Who are we?

  • Owned by Africans
  • Run by Africans
  • So that you can have the best, most authentic experience of Africa. AND, so the Africans you meet on your travels reap the benefits of African tourism.
  • Sustainability. Community. Growth.

We specialize in sustainable travel, our goal is to ensure that the travel industry in Africa will thrive and benefit generations to come.

A solution with social integrity

Our Business model

Our goal is to provide the best travel experiences to Africa while ensuring the profits reach the local communities

  1. Engineer the best travel experiences available in Africa.
  2. Make a real difference and operate with the highest level of integrity

Partnering with local communities

Our goal is to partner with local communities in a bid to see them reach their full potential

  1. Invest a portion of our profits in microfinance projects and help create a business eco-system
  2. Approach the communities with the conviction that they are people who have a desire to better their lives and the capacity to accomplish this
  3. Approach relationship with communities as a partners with an attitude of humility and service