Conquering Kilimanjaro

Awe-inspiring, breath-taking, mind-boggling and majestic. Composed of three independent peaks of Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira, Kilimanjaro is one of the world's leading single and freestanding mountains.
Duration: 9 Days
Shrouded in gray, covered in mist, dark clouds, full of legends and mystery, rolling lowlands, dense rainforest, barren heath, alpine desert and the frigid, arctic summit zone - imagine the varied scenery!! Mount Kilimanjaro is an active contestant to the list of New Seven Wonders of Nature.

1 Nights in Arusha, Tanzania

Craving adventure? Satisfy your wanderlust with a hike to the summit of Kilimanjaro.

Day 1

On arrival at the airport you will be warmly welcomed and transported to Arusha for a kit check and short briefing by the head guide and climb manager. Prepare for adventure, beginning with an overnight stay at Rivertrees Country Inn.

Stay at Rivertrees Country Inn includes breakfast and dinner.

1 Nights in Machame Camp, Tanzania

Begin the journey with a hike via verdant afromontane forest to Machame Camp.

Day 2

After breakfast at Rivertrees Country Inn, leave by vehicle for Kilimanjaro. At Machame gate your crew will finalise packing and you'll finish with the formalities. Hike through the green and gorgeous afromontane forest to Machame Camp, with a picnic lunch en route. Slumber at night to the sounds of the mountain at Machame Camp.

You don't have to pitch your own tent.

1 Nights in Shira Camp, Tanzania

Trek through the famed flora of the glacial valleys and the lava tubes.

Day 3

Start with the relatively steep hike, gaining altitude with a packed lunch on trail. Walk past the Heath Zone, viewing the attractive helichrysum & lobelia plants and geological features such as lava tubes and glacial valleys.

1 Nights in Lava Tower, Tanzania

Often compared to the surface of the moon, the alpine desert has only three species of tussock grass and a few everlastings can withstand the extreme conditions. A look at these species is alone worth the climb.

Day 4

Climb into alpine desert and head up to Lava Tower before descending to Barranco Camp for an overnight stay. Enjoy an al fresco lunch en route.

1 Nights in Barranco, Tanzania

It's like stepping into a story book, this hike with the giant groundsels towering eerily over you. The rough terrain will challenge you and demand your best!

Day 5

Famous for its giant groundsels (Senecio species), it is undiluted pleasure to climb the Barranco wall and hike glacial valleys to Karanga Camp. As it is a short walk, you can recover your energy at Karanga Camp with lunch. Walk with your guides for spectacular views of the southern walls of Kibo and deep glacial valleys.

1 Nights in Barafu Camp, Tanzania

A horseshoe-shaped crater, Mawenzi means the crumpled, the jagged or broken one. As legend goes, Kibo and Mawenzi were neighbours and Kibo, annoyed with Mawenzi, raised his pestle and beat him with it, causing Mawenzi to become so jagged.

Day 6

Begin your day with half-a-day climb to Barafu Camp, followed by lunch. Enjoy the stunning sights at the Mawenzi peak in the evening. An early dinner and a short rest is necessary for the midnight start to the summit!!

1 Nights in Uhuru peak, Tanzania

A Tanzanian guide called Jacob narrated a film on Kilimanjaro and in it he said "Kilimanjaro is a place where ordinary people come to do something extraordinary, to leave their daily lives and stand in a place between heaven and earth". I think standing at the summit you would agree with him.

Day 7

Arrive at the summit by dawn, to catch the first rays of the light. Take a short walk via Stella Point to Uhuru peak, the Roof of Africa. Walk down the last lap to Mweka Camp for an overnight stay.

1 Nights in Montane Forest, Tanzania

A captivating variety of floral species will leave you breathless and stunned. Impatiens kilimanjari, a beautiful flower with flecks of dazzling red and yellow is a sight like none other.

Day 8

Make your way down from the camp after breakfast through montane forest and bid adieu to the crew around noon. You will be escorted to KIA Lodge for a refreshing overnight stay.

Day 9

Bid farewell to Arusha and Tanzania and carry back fond memories. You will be escorted to the Kilimanjaro International Airport for your flight home.
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