Himbas & Wildlife in Etosha - Namibia

Himbas and Namibia are synonyms, with a dash of the authentic & abundant Etosha wildlife, along with the scenic beauty of Kaokoland makes this holiday "The best of Namibia" and absolutely affordable.
Duration: 5 Days
Exotic & unique in their culture & traditions make the Himbas stand-out from among the other tribes in Africa. Interact with them and learn their ways of life. The thrilling game drives at the Etosha adds to the excitement and makes this vacation the best ever!

2 Nights in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Etosha National Park is one of the most special jewels of Namibia. Considered to be one of the finest game viewing destinations in Africa, the wildlife is abundant and will keep enticed through out. Almost all the species found in Africa is represented in Etosha and hence the name "Hidden Treasure Of Africa"
Day 1 & Day 2

Explore the photographer in you and the waterholes with hundreds of animals herding together. Some of the species are rare and endangered, it is a thrill to sight some of them. Get back in time before the gate closes for some yummy dinner and more game viewing at the waterholes.

Accommodation for both the nights at one of Etosha’s camps, Okaukuejo or Halali

2 Nights in Kaokoland, Namibia

The Himba are the country’s last nomadic herders who still live in mud huts. Their skins shine a earthy copper from the ocher and butter mix they use to protect themselves from the sun’s harsh rays. Take a glimpse at the culture that has been preserved by the beautiful Himba to this date.
Day 3 & Day 4

Begin your day exploring the western regions of Etosha to Opuwo in Kaokoland. And the following day visit a village of the famous Himba, meet the people and learn their ways of life. Their unique culture is hundreds of years old and you can bask in the previlege of being part of their lives even for a day.

Day 5

Have a hearty breakfast and gear-up for a 700 Km journey to Windhoek, and head towards home with a fond memories and a wish to return. Soon!!

Accommodation for both the nights at Opuwo Country Hotel.

Himbas & Wildlife in Etosha - Namibia Information

Best travel time: January to December


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