Kalahari & Namib Desert - Namibia

Oldest Desert to once upon a time richest town, from as-far-as the eye can see bare landscape to teeming with wildlife salt pan, from ethreal looking canyon to ancient rock engravings - Namibia has it all.
Duration: 15 Days
The large expanses of desert with varying hues of orange, larger than life sand dunes, a salt pan large enough to be seen from space, well preserved culture of Himba, fur seals teeming at cape cross, the deserted town of Kolmanskop, scenic Fish River Canyon and much more to be experienced in just 15 days.

1 Nights in Windhoek, Namibia

Surrounded by 4 mountain ranges, Windhoek is characterised by German style buildings. The many names of Windhoek are all derived from the hot water springs found in the area.
Day 1

Welcome to Namibia! We will pick you up from the capital city Windhoek and take you to the safari lodge nearby. You can relax and  prepare for 15 days of Namibian roller coaster. 

Alternately opt for a game drive in an open-roof vehicle in search of wildlife at additional cost

Accommodation at Windhoek Meals: Dinner served at the lodge

1 Nights in Kalahari Desert, Botswana

160 and 180 million year old dolorites in the Keetmanshoop region cover a huge area. Dolorites are magma that was pressed up and cooled just below the earth's surface. The top layer of the earth's crust eroded away leaving the dolorites exposed.
Day 2

Get on the road and depart south to town-oasis Keetmanshoop located at the heart of the Kalahari Desert. 

You can opt for a stop at the fascinating rock formations known as Giant’s Playground and/or the Quiver Tree Forest at own cost at an additional cost

Accommodation at a two-star hotel at Keetmanshoop Meals: breakfast and dinner served at the Lodge. Lunch at your cost

1 Nights in Fish River Canyon, Namibia

The sheerness of the Fish River Canyon is a not to be missed feature of Namibia. The serenity and timelessness experienced here is beyond words. The Canyon comes to life at sunrise and sunset everyday.
Day 3

Second largest canyon in the world, the Fish River Canyon is a spectacular place to take pictures. Early morning or sunset times are the best for photography.

Accommodation at Fish River Canyon Lodge Meals: breakfast and dinner served at the Lodge. Lunch at your cost

1 Nights in Aus, Namibia

A large population of desert adapted feral horses can be found in the Namib Desert. The horses congregate in the Garub Plains, near Aus, where a man-made water source is available.
Day 4

The scenic beauty of Namib desert is undescribable and ever changing. Watch the picturesque landscape unfolds as you travel to the small town of Aus. You may be able to spot some of the wild feral horses that have adapted to this arid weather. 

Accommodation at two-stars safari lodge near Aus. Meals: breakfast and dinner served at the Lodge. Lunch at your cost

2 Nights in Kolmanskop, Namibia

Kolmanskop is a ghost town that was once a mining town but has now been reclaimed by the Namib desert.
Day 5 & Day 6

Dramatic change in scene from the arid Namib desert to the Atlantic coastal town of Luderitz. Stop by the famous deserted mining town of Kolmanskop, with a short visit to the Diaz Cross set in the sands by the Portuguese sailor Diaz, on his arrival at the Namibian Coast. 

You can also opt for 1 hr ocean yacht cruise, trip to the Agate Beach at own cost. Here the Atlantic deposits semi-precious agate stones right onto the sand.

Accommodation at the two-star hotel in Luderitz. Meals: breakfast and dinner served at the Lodge. Lunch at your cost

2 Nights in Sossusvlei, Namibia

A salt and clay pan surrounded by high red dunes is a photographer's dream come true. Sossusvlei is characterized by high sand dunes of vivid pink-to-orange color indicating the high iron content.
Day 7

Come view the world's highest and oldest dunes at Sossusvlei. Some of the picturesque vistas are worth admiring. After a long and tiring day pamper yourself with some well deserved dinner and rest at a stylish abode. 

Day 8

The high dunes are best watched early morning in the light of the rising sun. Climb the sky high Dune 45, 'Big Daddy' or 'Big Mama' and then drive off-road to the Dead Vlei (valley) where the dried up trees stand among the dunes. Visit the Sesriem Canyon in the early afternoon to admire the spaciousness, magnificence and splendor of the interesting rock formations. 

Accommodation at the two-stars safari lodge near Sossusvlei Meals: breakfast and dinner served at the Lodge. Lunch at your cost

2 Nights in Swakopmund, Namibia

A scenic coastal city facing the Atlantic ocean established by the German colonists and characterized by German styled architecture, Swakopmund, takes you back in time deep into the Namibian history.
Day 9 & Day 10

Travel towards the Kuiseb River where the huge orange dunes suddenly stop at the dry beds of the Kuiseb River. Travel further towards the Atlantic Coast to arrive at the small town - oasis of Swakopmund. You will see the perfect blend of the past, German, colonial architecture and the modern trends along with the sandy dunes of the Namib.

In the morning take a cruise down to the colony of fur seals and pink flamingos in a yacht. Enjoy the sight with a glass of champagne and fresh oysters on the deck.
 In the afternoon we take a trip to the incredible Moon Valley and view the lunar landscape and the botanic attraction Welwitchia mirabillis, considered to be one of the oldest plants on earth.

Optional activities (not included in the tour price):
1 hr quad-bike tour into the desert dunes
Swakopmund city tour – visit at the Crystal Gallery, open-air, local curio market and snake park

Accommodation near Swakopmund Meals: breakfast and dinner served at the Lodge. Lunch at your cost

1 Nights in Brandberg, Namibia

The largest colony of Cape Fur Seals in Africa can be found at Cape Cross. It is a majestic sight with hundreds, if not thousands, of seals and cute pups basking in the sun.
Day 11

As you travel on the salt road along the Atlantic Coast further North, you can stop at the historical Cape Cross for a closer look at the Cape fur seals and the granite cross set up by the Portugal sailor Diego Cao during their first arrival on the Namibian Coast. We continue east from cape Cross and arrive at the mountainous Brandberg Massif to meet the popular White Lady and the Bushmen rock paintings.

Optional activity (not included in the tour price): search for the World-famous desert elephants.

Accommodation at Uis Meals: breakfast and dinner served at the Lodge. Lunch at your cost

1 Nights in Twyfelfontein, Namibia

Officially known as Ui-Ais, Twyfelfontein is a site of ancient rock engravings located in the Kunene Region. Feel the magnitude of nature among the remnants of a forest more than 200 millions years old.
Day 12

An early morning start to the UNESCO World Heritage Site - Twyfelfontein. Admire the art portraying animals, people and lifestyle created by the Bushmen, numbering over 2000 rock engravings. We stop over at the Petrified Forest to see the fossils and then return to the lodge for refreshments and rest watching the sun set over the savannah.

Accommodation near Twyfelfontein Meals: breakfast and dinner served at the Lodge. Lunch at your cost

2 Nights in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Believed to be originally from East Africa, Himba are the country’s last nomadic herders who still live in mud huts. Etosha National Park is also unique and much loved as the Himba.
Day 13

An experience you will never forget. Visit the Himba village and learn their customs, traditions and way of life. They have a lifestyle unchanged for centuries. After lunch make your way to one of Africa's most loved nature sanctuaries - Etosha National Park. Sit back watching the waterholes at one of the camps till late in the night and see the animals like elephants, rhinos, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, lions, hyenas and jackals coming to drink the water. 

Day 14

Look out for antelopes: springbuck, wildebeest, kudu, impala, gemsbok, hartebeest, oryx and steenbuck and other animals like African elephants, giraffes, rhinos, jackals, warthogs and hyenas as you make your way deep into Etosha on a early morning game drive. Spend a lazy evening at the waterhole again as you watch the animals drink.

Day 15

All good things come to an end! Bid farewell to Etosha as you make your way to Windhoek for some last minute shopping at the local crafts stores like Maerua Mall, Jennys Place, or craft market in Okahanja before heading home.

Accommodation at Etosha Day 13 & Day 14 Meals: breakfast and dinner served at the Lodge. Lunch at your cost Day 15: Breakfast provided at the lodge

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