San Bushmen, Himba and Wildlife in Etosha - Namibia

Interact with the San Bushmen and the Himba of Kaokoland, learn their culture and traditions which have escaped the influences of civilization. With a good deal of wildlife in Etosha, you are sure to have a fantabulous vacation.
Duration: 7 Days
An absolute cultural immersion, with a zing of exotic Etosha! Visit the world's largest single piece, naturally occurring piece of iron known on the Earth’s surface, the Hoba Meteor. Meet the San Bushmen who are the hunter-gatherer people and the earliest settlers of Botswana, along with the Himba of Kaokoland.

2 Nights in Rundu, Namibia

The San are considered to have the highest degree of genetic diversity. Women are most respected among the groups and are also decision makers in some instances. They hail from the original settlers in Botswana. Being part of their lives even for a day is a honor and a unique experience.
Day 1 & Day 2

Start your day at Windhoek and make your way to a San Bushmen village. Interact with the locals and participate in their day-to-day activities such as tracking animals, finding water-rich plants, fruit and berry picking, games, music and dancing. Also visit the Hoba Meteor, which is the single largest piece of iron on the surface of Earth.

Accommodation for two nights at the Roy’s Camp

2 Nights in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Witness nature's balance on perfect scales at the Etosha National Park, also known as the "Africa's hidden jewel". The ecological harmony is one of the reasons visitors flock here year after year.
Day 3 & Day 4

Etosha National park with its vast white-green salt flat of the Etosha Pan is a breath-taking sight in itself.  Some of the species are rare and endangered, it is a thrill to sight them. Return before sundown and gate closing for dinner followed by game viewing at one of the floodlit waterholes till late in the night.

Accommodation for two nights at one of Etosha National Park's resorts.

2 Nights in Opuwo, Namibia

This culturally rich and unique tribe has retained the ancestral customs and traditions intact. Learn from one of the last and authentic nomadic tribes about their ways of life and participate in their day-to-day activities.
Day 5 & Day 6

Leave Etosha behind and travel to Kaokoland to meet the Nomadic gatherers. Visit a village of the famous Himba, meet the people and learn their ways of life. Their unique culture is hundreds of years old and you can bask in the previlege of being part of their lives even for a day.

Day 7

Have a hearty breakfast and gear-up for a journey to Windhoek, and head towards home with a fond memories.

Accommodation for two nights at Opuwo Country Hotel

San Bushmen, Himba and Wildlife in Etosha - Namibia Information

Best travel time: January to December


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