Kasane is a small town that acts as the gateway to Chobe National Park. Situated very close to the border where Botswana meets Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe, it is common for Kasane to be a route into, or out of Botswana.
Kasane is a small town that on its own does not hold much enticement for the safari-goer. The surrounding areas, however, are not to be missed!

Kasane is an important stopover for many guests to the region. It is located near the borders of Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia (the Caprivi Strip can be accessed via ferry from Kasane). Some travellers will choose to stay in Kasane to take advantage of the easy access to Chobe National Park.
Wildlife does venture down to the banks of the Chobe river, particularly in the height of the dry season, so excellent day-trips to view wildlife can be had from Kasane, without the need to travel deeply into Chobe National Park. The water of the Chobe river attracts a variety of bird- and wild-life.
Driving Safari
Take a drive into Chobe National Park to see the abundant wildlife.
Safari Cruise
Enjoy a Safari Cruise along the Chobe River where you get the opportunity to have close encounters with the abundant wildlife.
Kasane airport offers flights to major destinations around Southern Africa, as well as charter flight to nearby lodges.

If travelling to or from Zambia or Namibia via the ferry, do not be put off by the long queues of trucks. Just drive to the front.

Take care to watch out for wildlife on the roads, and where possible avoid all travel after nightfall. Set out early and give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination before night falls.