Moremi Game Reserve

Covering almost 5000 square kilometers of the Okavango Delta, the Moremi Game Reserve is home to a high concentration of wildlife and nearly 500 different bird species. It is vast, largely unpopulated and an unparalleled safari destination.
The Moremi Game Reserve was originally declared as a protected area in March of 1963, and was the first National .Park to be created by indigenous Africans. Chief Moremi III's widow was instrumental in setting aside the land, which initially consisted of just the Mopane tongue. Over the years, the area has been expanded to include almost 5000 square kilometers of the Okavango Delta

Moremi now includes two permanent dry land areas: the Mopane Tongue and Chief's Island as well as the permanent water areas.

The land has been protected for over 50 years therefore the wildlife in Moremi Game Reserve has a sense of security and is less likely to be skittish compares to the wildlife in other parts of the country. This presents a unique opportunity to get up close and observe some marvelous beasts in their natural habitat. 

It is possible to see the Moremi Game Reserve from many different angles - from the water, the sky and the land. Mokoro (dugout canoe) trips, boat trips, driving safaris, walking safaris and scenic flights are all part of the norm here. How you see the reserve will likely depend on the lodge you are staying at and where they are located . 

Driving within Moremi Game Reserve is restricted to daylight hours, so night drives are not possible within the reserve itself. That said, if you are staying at a lodge on one of the nearby concessions, you may have the opportunity to do some night driving there. 
Moremi Game Reserve is home to over 400 species of birds, including water birds, raptors and forest dwellers. It is a bird watcher's paradise, particularly in the summer months.

It is home to a vast array of wildlife, including (but certainly not limited to) giraffe, impala, red lechwe, situtanga antelope, hyena, jackal, lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, cheetah, African wild dog and the recently reintroduced rhino (making it a big five destination). The best time to see this wildlife is during the dry season, as the water dries up in surrounding areas and the wildlife converges on the Delta. 

In the rainy season, thicker foliage can make it difficult to spot game, but the brilliant colours can make it harder for animals, particularly predators, to camouflage. This makes them easier to spot, both for you and their prey.
All Moremi Game Reseve vacations starts from Maun, the tourist capital of Botswana. 


Maun has multiple daily connections with Johannesburg (Airlink and Air Botswana) and five weekly connections with Cape Town (Airlink). 


It is also possible to travel domestically from Gabarone to Maun (daily). Flights from Kasane to Maun and return are available twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and are ideal for travellers visiting the Victoria Falls and Chobe National Park areas. 

From Maun it is another 30 to 45 minutes short flight to Moremi. All onward connections are operated by Mack Air.