North West

Culturally rich, geographically richer and historically vivid; North West Province's Suncity makes it economically diverse too. The North West province is defined by mountains in the northeast and bushveld scattered with trees and shrubs.
The roots of both the first and second Anglo-Boer wars can be traced to North West province.

Most famous for the 1899 Siege of Mafikeng during the Anglo-Boer War, and the initiative to form the Boy Scouts by Robert Baden Powell; North West has made its way to history textbooks across the globe.

It is known as the Platinum Province and sometimes as the Texas of Africa.

The people of the North West are mainly Batswana in origin and speak Setswana. Other groups are the Ndebele in the east and the Sotho in the south. English is spoken as a second language. 

Mining generates more than half of the province's GDP and provides jobs for a quarter of its workforce.
Hartbeespoort Dam - take a hot air balloon ride over the arch type dam between Magaliesberg mountain and Witwatersberg mountain range.

Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary is a privately owned multi-species primate rehabilitation centre located in the foothills and gorges of the Magaliesberg mountain range.

Hartbeespoort Aerial Cableway offers spectacular view of the Magaliesberg, Hartbeespoort Dam and the surrounding area. It was constructed in 1973 but was closed in 2005 due to poor maintenance. In 2010 a private initiative in collaboration with Swiss company Rowema AG saw the Hartbeespoort Aerial Cableway revamped to its current pristine condition.

The Abel Erasmus Pass - linking the game reserves of Limpopo to Mpumalanga's awe inspiring Blyde River Canyon, the Abel Erasmus Pass is the gateway to the Panaroma Route.

Sun City Complex - a world-renowned destination for a day of fun and relaxation and one of the world's largest entertainment centres.

Lesedi Cultural Village features five traditional dwellings, each representing a culture of South Africa’s diverse population: Pedi, Zulu, Xhosa, Basotho and Ndebele.

Chameleon Village at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountains is a collective for handcrafted products from all over South Africa. It is also South Africa’s largest indoor market.

North West offers delicacies to meet the tastes of people from diverse cultural backgrounds. From Indian restaurants, authentic African cuisine restaurants, Bistros and Lounge bars; North West has it all.

If you grow tired of shopping at the Chameleon village, pop into the Chameleon Brewhouse, which offers five craft beers and a cider on tap. 
Temperatures range from 17° to 31 °C (62° to 88 °F) in the summer and from 3° to 21 °C (37° to 70 °F) in the winter. 

Annual rainfall totals about 360 mm (about 14 in), with almost all of it falling during the summer months, between October and April.
Kadishi Tufa Waterfall is the tallest tufa waterfall in Africa and is also known as 'the weeping face of nature' because it resembles a crying face.

The Blyde River Canyon is the third largest canyon on Earth and the largest green canyon in the world – it is over 26km long and averages 800m deep.

Rustenburg is reported to be the fastest growing city in South Africa.

Rustenburg is home to the two largest platinum mines in the world and the world’s largest platinum refinery which processes around 70% of the world’s platinum.

North West also produces a quarter of South Africa’s gold, as well as granite, marble, fluorspar and diamonds.