Antelope Park

Walk with the lions in their habitat, swim with the elephants, feed the cubs, view the game from horseback on a full moon night; make every day and night of your stay on the Antelope Farm a memorable experience.
Antelope Park takes game viewing to a whole new dimension. Horse-back safari, elephant safari, mule drawn carriage safari, bush walk with experienced guides and a lunar safari on a horse-back (only on full moon) are just a few of the options you have! 

The park is home to over 20 mammal species, such as zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, kudu, impala, hartebeest and over 150 different species of birds including vultures, rollers, sunbirds and hornbills.

Antelope Park claims three World Exclusives: the Lion Walk, the Night Encounter and Elephant Swim.

Guests who can supply their own fishing gear are welcome to hire boats and go out to catch their own fresh fish for dinner.

You will have the unique opportunity of a night encounter with the lions - you follow at a safe distance as they stalk their prey. You can also have a chance to meet the lion cubs, and go right into an enclosure with them, touch them and even feed them. The lion program at Antelope Park focuses on breeding lions and releasing them into the wild.

A team of experts can provide horse riding lessons to people of any age or ability. When the moon is full, you can even have the unique opportunity of a night-ride safari.

Ever imagined a safari from the back of a mule-drawn carriage? At Antelope Park, this is possible - it is quieter than a 4x4 safari, and a truly wonderful experience.

Antelope Park is located about 6km outside of Gweru, Zimbabwe's third largest city. If you are traveling by road, the drive from Bulawayo takes around two hours, and the drive from Harare around 4 hours.

By road from Bulawayo, drive to Gweru on the main Bulawayo-Harare Road. You will eventually see the Antelope Park sign on your left.

From Harare, drive via the main Bulawayo road to Gweru. Pass through Gweru on the main road and approximately 6K from Gweru town, you will see the Antelope Park sign on your right.