Gonarezhou National Park

Enjoy the Chilojo Cliffs, made of magnificient red sandstone, overlooking the Runde River valley. "Gonarezhou" meaning "Place of many Elephants", but folklore suggests the name could also be derived from the term for the herbalists who would stock their medicines in tusks (known as gona in the Shona language).
Visitors have described Gonarezhou National Park as a must if you are in Zimbabwe. It is part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park that includes South Africa's famed Kruger National Park and Mozambique's Gaza. The combined park has more than 500 species of birds, 147 species of mammals, at least 116 species of reptiles, 34 species of frogs and 49 species of fish.

The rarely seen nyala and smaller suni are two of the highlights of the Park's smaller antelopes, the other animals include lion, leopard, cheetah (including the rare king cheetah), buffalo, giraffe, zebra and many species of large antelope. Aquatic wildlife such as the Zambezi Shark, Freshwater Goby, Black Bream and the unique turquoise killifish can be seen within the Park's rivers and pools
Cliffs can be viewed at Chilojo, Mwatomba Pool and Makonde Pool. Also places like Guluji and Chamuchanzi provide exciting scenic views.

Bird waching at it is best can be found in natural water pans including the one at Chindhlambai and Tembahata.

Chibilila Falls and Duguvi Falls are a must to be included in your visit.
The Chipinda Pools can be accessed by following the main tarred road from the Chirediz, turn-off to Mutare for 18 kilometres. Turn off to the south at the Chipinda Pools sign post. Follow the gravel road for approximately 34 kilometres to the entrance of the Park, about 59 kilometres from Chiredzi.

To access Mabalauta, turn east off the main Masvingo - Beitbridge road at the Mwenezi Police Station turn-off, about 20 kilometres south of Rutenga. Proceed down the the dirt road about 3 kilometres and turn left at the entrance to the Police Station - the signboard indicates Mwenezi Ranch HQ and Chikombedzi. Follow this road for about 60 kilometres to Chikombedzi Business Centre. Turn right after entering Chikombedzi Business Centre at a 4-way intersection where a National Parks sign indicates the route to Gonarezhou, Mabalauta, Right. About 300 metres down the road another sign indicates the route - turn left. About 6 kms further you will pass Zhou School and 3 kms later you will reach Gonarezhou Natioonal Park boundary.