Cultural Exchange Program

Core Values

Community development can only be achieved by strengthening a community’s capacity to take control of its own development. It involves building critical thinking and planning abilities, as well as concrete skills within a community, with an eye to the replicability of the processes by community members in the future. Our comprehensive approach to development is deeply rooted in embracing cultural diversity and exercising collective wisdom; development is not a process imposed from without. We are:

  • Based in Southern Africa
  • Run by individuals from all walks of life in the African community
  • Not politically-linked
  • Specialists in local knowledge of Southern African cultures and issues
  • Closely linked with communities through elders and chiefs

What Our Program Offers You

We bring you a cultural immersion experience that facilitates your learning and growth, and enables you to make a real difference in an African community in a respectful and engaging way. Our program offers you the opportunity to:

  • Work collaboratively with communities to build thinking, planning and concrete skills
  • Take part in all facets of our development process
  • Grow skills in cross-cultural communication, mediation and critical thinking
  • Develop a stronger awareness of the social issues faced in our communities
  • See servant-leadership in action
  • Experience some of Africa’s most iconic destinations

Our program is tailor-made to accommodate your group. The depth of service, the regions you visit, and the level of involvement can be tailored to meet the needs of your group.

We are interested in working with any organisation, with all age groups, to design custom programs and tours. We want to help you meet your organisation’s goals within the bounds of our ethos: in a culturally sensitive and sustainable way.

Program structure

You will complete these four components of our program while on tour:

  1. Cultural training for communication and integration
  2. Cultural immersion
  3. Working with the community to achieve a material outcome within bounds of our ethos
  4. Travel and adventure

Cultural Training

Prior to placing you with a community, you will develop an understanding of the community - its history, customs, values and way of life. The training strives to

  • Promote curiosity, respect and humility
  • Teach practical skills for engaging respectfully with others
  • Encourage deep, meaningful interactions

Cultural Immersion

You will have the privilege of living within a community and experiencing life as a community member. You will have the opportunity to take part in village tribunes, where a community vision is shared, knowledge and direction is imparted by elders and participants get an opportunity to raise concerns and share insight. Justice is also meted out in community disputes through these village tribunes for some cultures.

Community Work

You will have the real privilege of working alongside community members on a project, according to the will and vision of the community.

Travel and Adventure

You will go on an adventure safari tour to some of Southern Africa’s most iconic destinations. This component will be in accordance with all our principles of sustainable travel.